Replacing Scada

The project consisted of replacing both the hardware and software.

The system consists of a SCADA server, 5 clients, an engineering station and a license for 3 web clients. This web-client license allows to use (in this case) 3 PCs anywhere in the network, using Internet Explorer to view and operate the installation.

The server and client PCs are placed in a separate switch compartment. The control screens are connected by USB and VGA extenders to the client computers. Main advantage is that there are no computers in the production environment. The server and clients have a UPS which ensures that in case of power failure no data is lost. Furthermore, the server features a dual hard drive in RAID array.

Different groups of employees have different login levels and operation of the system is similar to the old system. An OPC connection facilitates communication between WinCC SCADA and Mitsubishi  A-series PLCs.

JB Besturingstechniek was responsible for engineering, programming, installation, and commissioning of the new system.
For more information, please contact JB Besturingstechniek, phone +31  516-520948