RTM OEE optimization of your production efficiency

With RTM OEE® you know it realtime

Everyday there is alot of loss of productcapicty that is unnoticed. the installation lies stil because of a disturbance (disruption) and the productionproces is going slower or doesnt deliver a good product. The result of this is that alot of time is lost and there has to be more work done. Most of the time we don’t know any better, but we learned to live with it.

Overall Equipment Effectivness or in short OEE information makes sure that you get a automated improvement potential insight. You rather (preferably) want this information to be realtime. That is the reason why we developed RTM OEE.

RTM OEE fits within every existing production enviroment. With RTM OEE you can monitor different automated processes.

RTM OEE differentiates itself by:

  • Simplicity
  • Maximum registration with minimum efforts
  • Adaptable to your company situation
  • Quick acceptance from your operator
  • Complete productrange; always fitting hardware for your specific operating environment.
  • Worldwide training and support
  • 15 years of experience

RTM OEE gives you insight in detail of the losses you made.


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